Club Founding & Early History

The Chickamauga Fly & Bait Casting Club was organized in the early spring of 1940, and, whether they claim the honor or not, Ted Hensen and Bob Thatcher must assume the responsibility for the organization of this club.

At that time the waters of Chickamauga Lake were lashing against its 600-mile shoreline and these anglers, while on a fishing trip in the later winter on Possum Creek, became imbued with the idea of forming an organization that would benefit from the fishing and wonderful opportunities for water activities that a kindly government had placed within our reach.  They contacted a number of friends and numerous meetings were held, the result of which brought about the organization of the club.  Organizing the club involved a lot of work and it took some little time before before by-laws, constitution, a bona-fide membership were secured, and officers elected.

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