Chickamauga Fly and Bait Casting Club.


The Chickamauga Fly & Bait Casting Club was organized in the early spring of 1940. At that time some anglers, while on a fishing trip in the late winter on Possum Creek, became imbued with the idea of forming an organization that would benefit from the fishing and wonderful opportunities for water activities that a kindly government had placed within their reach.  They contacted a number of friends and numerous meetings were held, the result of which brought about the organization of the club.

From its very inception the club was a tremendous success, and very shortly the demand among members became insistent that the club secure a place for docks and a clubhouse somewhere on the lake.  Various sites were considered, and a location on Possum Creek was finally purchased and docks built.  This beautiful camp site is 25 miles from Chattanooga on the north side of the lake, located between Soddy and Sale Creek.  It consists of a ten-acre tract of wooded land along the banks of Possum Creek, a tributary to the lake.

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